Quality Secondhand Equestrian Items

Our aim here at Tack-A-Holics is to provide quality secondhand equestrian items at affordable prices. As we are all aware this riding lark can be an expensive hobby and as much as we would like to treat our equine friends to a brand new top of the range turnout rug the little treasures tend not to comprehend the expense. Whilst wearing said rug our ‘little (and large) treasures’ love nothing more than a nice roll in the muddiest part of the field they can find, or maybe a little game of tag with their field mate? Or perhaps having a good old itch on a nearby bush or fence post. 

Thus resulting in a beautifully mud covered, slightly chewed rug with a missing tail flap! In addition to this we tend to find that one of everything is never enough and the ever expanding tack room tends to be a necessity! There is also kids….they grow lots! 

Jodhpurs and Show Jackets can be outgrown within a matter of weeks and we know how expensive a brand new showing outfit can be!

Horse Owners ourselves.

As horse owners ourselves we relate to all of the above and this is how Tack-A-Holics evolved. 

We have a vast array of products in our shop which truly is an ‘Aladdins Cave’ for horse and rider and together with our experience in horse ownership and competing we hope to offer a relaxed, friendly and helpful service with honest advice available if required.