Saddle Fitting

Saddle Fitting

Karen riding Mister Mole in the Sam Jamieson Deluxe Chiron Dressage Saddle
Sam Jamieson Chiron Saddle. Photo Courtesy of Celia Cadawaller
“My aim is to ensure both You and your Horse are happy and comfortable with your saddle whatever brand, new or old and provide the best fit that I can whatever level you ride at.” – Sam Jamieson

Sam’s approach to Saddle Fitting is discussing with you any concerns, assessing the saddle, your horse and working out how to rectify them if need be, you are the person that knows your horse best and how things feel to you and what your horse communicates as your horse is the one who will say if its exactly right.  Combined with Sam’s expertise as a Saddle Fitter, Horse and Rider Trainer, Equine Behaviourist and continually training Bodyworker Sam can work out what is the best for you and your horse. Where possible Sam like’s to show you what to look for when the saddle is correct/not correct, this then makes you more aware and able to maintain the comfort of your horse enhancing his or her wellbeing.

Sam also sells brand new saddles and has demo saddles of the following brands: Arena Saddles, Cavaletti Saddles, Fylde Saddles, GFS, John Whitaker Saddles, Sam Jamieson Saddles, Tekna Saddles and Wintec.  Coming soon will also be Bates Saddles and Winners Circle.  Sam also has stockist accounts with Ideal Saddles, Jeffries Saddles and Silhouette Saddles.

Saddle stock combined

If you are looking for a new second hand saddle, Sam Jamieson and  Tackaholics have a good long term relationship.  You can collect saddles from Tackaholics and book an appointment with Sam to check the fit of all the saddles.  This gives you a vast range to choose from of different types, brands and to suit all pockets. If you provide Tackaholics with all the information you can ie how wide you think your horse/pony is (if you can’t just send/show a photo), the length you believe you need, what size you have comfortably ridden in before, the breed and size of horse/pony, what you would like your saddle for ie a general purpose, jump or dressage.  

If you need any assistance with any of this its no problem to liase with us or if you really aren’t sure at all then Sam can come out to visit you for an assessment and can work out what you need.  Sam also has brand new saddles available if this is also something you are willing to consider.

Second Hand Saddles Available

Save Time, Book Online!

Sam is on the road a lot driving to appointments and with this is mind to help customers Sam has set up a fantastic online appointment booking system which means you can place an appointment booking at anytime day or night 7 days a week.  Its so quick and easy, just go to and you will be booked in within minutes.

"Not only is Sam fantastically patient with the horse, she is helpful with the owner, explaining every thing she is observing and giving advice and helpful tips on her findings. I learnt more today than I ever have from a book. With a few minor adjustments to the saddle, and a ride to view the saddles and my position. There was no hard sell, just honest advice and great service. HIGHLY recommended."
Donna Harvey

Saddle Check

Sam Jamieson Saddle Fitting

It is recommended that the saddle fit is checked every 3-6 months depending on the horses work load, to give you and your horse the ultimate performance. If you purchase a new saddle this should be checked immediately.  For example the width maybe correct for your horse but the saddle maybe out of balance and be tipping forward or back or the asymmetry could be incorrect and need adjusting.  This not only greatly affects your horse and their performance but affects you also! Horses and ponies change shape through the seasons, with age, the type of discipline and how much work they are doing.  Having your saddle checked at least every 6 months ensures your horse is comfortable and that the saddle is benefiting both of you and it is still safe!

 Sam Jamieson Saddles

Aswell as working with Secondhand and all new saddles.  Sam has developed her own saddle brand, currently including Dressage, Show/Working Hunter, General Purpose, VSD and Jump Saddles.

Sam Jamieson Saddles - Cob Saddle Sam Jamieson Chiron Cob Saddle[/caption]

 If you would like to find out more about the range of saddles there is lots of information on Sam’s website:

Think of a saddle Check as a Service on your car to keep all in good working order.  The saddle should be balanced for both you and the horse, as an example there has been occasions where the rider suffered from back pain which was relieved once the saddle had been rebalanced this also goes together with how your horse maybe feeling.  Your saddle may require some additional flocking to re-balance the saddle which can be done on-site, this is chargeable depending on how much work is required. 

Total Reflock and Service
Total Reflock and Service

If at any point you feel lumps and bumps on the underneath panels of your saddle these can cause pressure points on your horses back leading to soreness and later on damage. Sometimes it is possible to regulate these but more often is the case that the saddle will need a total reflock.  This means Sam will take the saddle apart in her workshop, remove all of the old flocking and replace it with new and stitch the saddle back together to its former glory.

Sam Jamieson Saddle Fitting
Icelandic – Sid

Sam then come’s out to you with your newly flocked saddle to ensure the correct balance of the saddle and to see you ride in it to confirm if any adjustments are required as the way a saddle fits on a horse standing still is very different to a moving horse with a rider on board.   You will then have a content horse which also means a content rider.

Sam Jamieson Saddle Collection
Sam Jamieson Saddle Collection

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